De-Alcoholic Sparkling & Botanical Spirit Bundle



By popular demand, our two must-haves bundled up into a discounted duo. Our De-Alc Lilly Pilly Cuvée Sparkling & Non-Alc Botanical Spirit are great options for the non-drinkers, or those who are just choosing to limit their alcohol intake. 

South Australian de-alc sparkling cuvée with wild harvested, native Lilly Pilly. Characteristically, we set out to create a non-alcoholic sparkling that was much more than fizzy grape juice and held up against alcoholic Australian sparkling. After 12 months of painstaking research and development we have arrived at our first vintage release - specialised blend of 11 white wine varietals. Each was selected to balance the flavour and texture once the alcohol was removed. Utilising low temperature distillation and 40 years of wine making experience, our team has created a sparkling that we are very pleased with (finally!) and trust you will be too.

Our Non-Alc Botanical Spirit has botanical infusions of juniper, pepper berry and pink grapefruit bring our non-alc spirit into a world of traditional flavours and aromas you’d only expect from a high proof gin.

Want a great recipe idea? Try our 'French 75 Mocktail': 

  1. Pour 3/4 glass of Polka De-Alc Sparkling
  2. Add a shot of Polka Non-Alc Botanical Spirit
  3. Add squeeze of lemon
  4. Garnish with a lemon peel 

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