Our Story

We are POLKA. We love drinks. Toasting, hosting, roasting or just coasting; there’s always something special about a moment with a drink in hand.

We love drinks of all shapes, sizes and varieties, but fundamentally, we love our drinks tasty. We also love our drinks alcohol free. Whether you are a teetotaler or just looking to swap out alcohol on occasion, we welcome you to enjoy our range of carefully created non-alc drinks. Our single goal is to create products that don’t have ‘something missing’ - a challenge to say the least, but an assurance we are confident of holding up.

POLKA’s journey began in 2021, South Australia, a place where quality wine and produce are eponymous and also the home state of our founders, Ben and Emma Mellows. 

A great deal of Ben’s energy centres around flavour and new product innovation. Ten years in the food and nutritional manufacturing industry enabled us to create a non-alc brand with more unconventional methods than traditional wine makers. In utilising premium South Australian wine, natural extracts and native botanicals, POLKA has been able to find a taste profile that elevates the non-alcoholic category to a more complex flavour profile. 

Achieving this would not be possible without the tireless smarts of his now wife, Emma, whose passion for quality, customer satisfaction and communication has made POLKA stand for more than just tasty beverages.

POLKA is committed to using the highest quality South Australian grapes and native botanicals to create drinks that are equal parts delicious, innovative, sophisticated and memorable. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a non-alcoholic beverage as part of a healthy lifestyle, or simply prefer the taste of a premium drink without the buzz, POLKA’s range of drinks are the perfect choice.

We hope you love them as much as we do.

Ben & Emma Mellows,

POLKA Co-Founders