About Us

Introducing the new wave of South Australian (de-alc) wines, Polka sparkling is a purposeful selection of 11 white wine varietals from the Riverina and the wild native Lilly Pilly. The astringent notes of lilly pilly allow for a dry, full flavoured de-Alc sparkling that pairs with seafood and opens the mind to modern de-alc wine making.

The Solution

We don't have a rich history in wine. What we do have is a solution to a problem. What do you drink when you're not drinking alcohol? Water? Yes. Lemonade? Mmm. When the need strikes for something more, have a POLKA drop. We are here with adult drinks that won't turn on you and leave you in bed til 12pm on a Sunday. They will however satisfy your tastebuds and keep the perennially boring question 'why aren't you drinking?' safely answered.

Made in SA

Non-alcoholic wines have a less than charming history. Nothing close to resembling wine was all that was available until the recent advent of de-alcoholising equipment. This technology allows us to select vintage wines with particular flavour and texture characteristics that survive the natural de-alc process. Like any wine, the secret is in the region which is why we've chosen riverland, South Australian wine and characteristically dry native botanicals.