If you could sum up 2021 in three words, what would they be? For many – busy, challenging & exhausting come to mind. Little downtime, lockdowns and a demanding work life can be quite a heavy load on the mind.

But alas, a new year brings a new chance to hit that reset button and adopt some healthy habits to better your wellbeing.  

To help you prepare for a clearer and calmer mind in 2022, we bring you our top 10 mindfulness tips that help us be more present, relaxed and grounded. 

#1 Wake up with a digital detox 

Did you know more than 61% of the population check their phone within 5 minutes of waking up? It can be so tempting to check emails, messages and endlessly scroll through social media to catch up on what you missed while you were getting some much needed rest. 

But reaching for the phone as soon as you wake up can often trigger a stress response in your body and prime your brain for distraction for the rest of the day. Instead, try to give yourself an hour where you are using this time for more constructive activities.

#2 Read a few pages of a motivational book 

This practice is a great way to help you feel focused for the day. By creating a solid morning routine, you are giving yourself some important ‘you’ time to allow you to be inspired and motivated for the rest of the day. 

Our current favourites include:

Motivational Books 

#3 Meditate for five to ten minutes each day

Morning meditation is one of the healthiest ways to start your day. Benefits can include a mood boost, improved productivity, improved focus and awareness, less worry and a calmer mind. Here are some steps you can take to start your new morning meditation ritual: 

  • Decide on a length and commit to sitting the entire time - allowing yourself 5-10 minutes is a great way to start.  
  • Choose a technique or style that works best for you.
  • Find a comfortable seated meditation post. A chair, spot on the sofa or a cushion on the floor is best. 
  • Find a nice, quiet and comfortable space. 
  • Set a timer. 
  • Maintain good posture. 
  • Close or soften your eyes. 
  • Take slow, deep breaths. 

#4 Move your body regularly 

Moving daily not only has amazing benefits on your body, but it can also show positive improvements on your mental health. Even a simple walk outside or virtual yoga class can have a huge impact on your daily wellbeing. Benefits include: 

  • Releases endorphins and helps relieve stress.
  • Allows you to take a break from everyday challenges. 
  • Helps emotions move through our bodies.
  • Strengthens the connection we have with our bodies. 

Two women doing pilates on mat

#5 Make your bed every morning 

One of our favourite rituals is to make the bed each morning. By doing this, it helps to bring you a sense of accomplishment that can be carried throughout the day. It also helps you feel more organised and in control of your day. 

#6 Plan your meals 

Creating a weekly meal plan and grocery shopping ahead of time has so many great benefits. Meal prep can help you save time and improve your time management skills, save you money and encourage you to eat healthier overall. But best of all, it can free up mental energy needed for other important daily tasks. 

Health meal planning

#7 Listen to a podcast

Listening to a podcast is a great way to learn something new and exciting that can help improve your mindset. They can be a welcoming source of inspiration, motivation and help you to unwind and relax. 

Our current favourites include:

#8 Journal 

Journaling might seem daunting for some, but once you get in the habit of putting the pen to paper, you may find it helps balance your mind and improve your mood. Other benefits include:

  • Providing an opportunity for positive self-talk.
  • Keep your thoughts organised. 
  • Improves your writing.
  • Set & achieve your goals. 
  • Record ideas on the go.
  • Relieve stress.
  • Allow yourself to self-reflect.
  • Inspire creativity. 

#9 Write a to-do list for the day 

Writing a to-do list is the ultimate productivity hack. This simple exercise can form part of your broader journaling ritual and can help with so many aspects of your life including memory, motivation, organisation, time management and accountability. We love writing a to-do list in the evening, so we wake up feeling prepared and ready to tackle the day ahead.

#10 Mindful drinking 

If you feel like you’ve consumed a little too much alcohol during lockdown, you’re not alone. This year we’re focusing on ‘mindful drinking’. Mindful drinking is the practice of being conscious of why and how much alcohol you drink, creating awareness and being present in your choices around alcohol consumption. More awareness around your decision to have each drink will likely mean consuming less alcohol, which in turn has many benefits. 

Mindful drinking can result in more energy for exercise, better sleep, a better immune system and feeling more in control of your decisions. 

Here are some great tips to practice mindful drinking: 

  • Pause and evaluate before you reach for the booze - ask yourself WHY you’re drinking
  • Plan some drink free distractions - it could be as simple as having a bath, calling a friend or going for a run
  • Swap your regular drinks for alcohol-free alternatives - such as our De-Alc Sparkling and Non-Alc Botanical Spirit which allows you to still enjoy the feeling of an adult drink, without the booze.

Polka Non-Alc Drinks