From open bars and champagne towers, to dancing until the early hours of the morning. There’s no denying that a lingering next-day hangover can be a good sign of a great wedding. 

Sure, the majority of wedding guests always appreciate the overflowing supply of alcohol. But if there’s one thing for sure, you can guarantee at least one person will be pregnant, breastfeeding, designated driver, ‘cutting-back’ or abstaining from alcohol altogether.

Here’s three 2022 brides who share why they offered de-alc options on their wedding day:

Bride Steph

Photographer: Ashleigh Hase

"The down fall of being sober at an event is getting photographed with a can of coke in your hand. But having Polka on my wedding menu meant me and any other sober guests could have a cute glass of bubbles in hand, without the headache the next day. 

I made the decision to stop drinking a few months before my wedding, and in that time quickly discovered Polka! After trying it once it was immediately put onto my wedding and hens night menus! I loved being able to serve a good quality non-alcoholic option which wasn’t just the boring soft drinks or water. And it even worked perfectly for the classic bridesmaids champagne spray photo 😍 And after the photo one of my bridesmaids actually said they preferred the taste and would drink it through the night!"


Bride Mary

Photographer: Jessica Mary

“We started the morning of my wedding off with Polka Sparkling and it was the best decision. It was so important to me to have non-alcoholic options so that anyone who was pregnant, trying to conceive or simply didn’t want alcohol could still feel like they were joining in on the celebrations. Polka tastes exactly like the real thing (if not better) and I wanted to make sure my wedding day was one I remembered for all the special memories, not the hangover the next morning!”


Bride Kate

Photographer: Blake Heywood

"Having alcohol-free options on our wedding day was a no brainer for us. With so many more of our friends choosing to drink less, as well as many pregnant and new mums, we wanted to have premium options for them to still enjoy throughout the day.

The Polka de-alc sparkling was a great option to have on our menu, as it looked just like champagne so no one felt like they were being left out. We also served some Polka gin & tonics using their Botanical Spirit, these went down a treat!"


July 27, 2022 — Polka Drops